Gameplay Guide

How to play?

Check out our simple step-by-step guide for how to play our game! We hope you enjoy it!

  • 1. Create a circle of cards!

    Place all the cards in a large ring on the table, TRUTHS (grey sides) facing up, and place the SPINNER in the middle.

  • 2. Spin the spinner!

    Any player can go first... it's probably the bravest (or dumbest?) person in the group.

  • 3. Answer TRUTHFULLY!

    You always complete the side of the card FACING UP (the first card will always be a truth!)

  • 4. Flip answered TRUTHS over

    Once you've answered a TRUTH card, you need to flip it over and return it to the ring as a DARE!

  • 5. Burn completed DARES

    When you've completed a dare remove it from the ring (this avoids repeating cards and ensures that the game eventually ends...)

  • 6. Nominate the next player

    When you've finished your turn nominate a player of your choice to go next.

  • 7. Keep spinning!

    Each time the spinner spins more TRUTHS are eliminated and your odds of getting a DARE increase!

  • 8. The END

    The game finishes when the final DARE is answered.

  • 9. Write your own cards

    We've included 8x blank cards with your deck. Write your own TRUTHS and DARES and add them to the ring!

  • 10. Follow us on social media!

    We are a really new business (just two friends working hard to bring RingOfTruths to life!) We need lots of support so please connect with us and share our game with your friends!